Rise Recovery St. Louis Christian Discipleship Program for Women Committed to Overcoming Addiction

Hope for Women with Addictions

Rise Recovery is a Christian Discipleship Program for Women committed to overcoming addiction. Applications will soon be accepted for those ready to put their faith in Jesus Christ to help them heal from enslavement to substance.

Hope for Women Committed to Overcoming Addiction

Rise Recovery St Louis

EIN#: 87-0916696

Rise Recovery St. Louis is a Christian Discipleship Program seeking to provide a safe, Christ-centered environment for women committed to overcoming addictions.

Christian Recovery House in the St. Louis Area

Rise Recovery St Louis is a 501(c)(3) non-profit church with a board of directors made up of church leaders, non-profit executives and Christian business owners formed with the intention of creating an in-house Christian discipleship program for women committed to overcoming addiction in the Greater St. Louis area.

Services for those accepted into the program will include:

  • Housing and food for six months to one year.
  • A structured, scheduled environment with busy days by design.
  • Daily Bible Studies and regular church activities.
  • Recovery groups, support groups.
  • Counseling.
  • Life skills training and coaching.
  • Job skills training.
  • Physical fitness/exercise.
  • Connection to mentors.
  • Advice and direction for next steps.
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Our goal for applicants at Rise Recovery St Louis is to help them recover from addiction by teaching them to follow Jesus Christ, and then to teach them to use their experience to help others struggling like they were.

Rise Recovery St. Louis is being modeled after other successful Christian discipleship programs serving communities in other places. There is a great need for more to be done to address the opioid crisis, homelessness, the loss of children, the breakup of families, and imprisonment among women in and around our area and many other places. Our goal is to help Rise Recovery St Louis become a successful, stable and thriving ministry that can serve as a model for others to follow.

Immediate Needs

Rise Recovery St. Louis is an in-house discipleship program for women committed to overcoming addictions. The Rise program includes living on-site in a structured recovery home environment for six months to one year. There will be daily and weekly activities including Bible study, daily work and chores, service projects, counseling, support groups, recovery classes, step studies, church events - all within a highly structured environment.

Christ-Centered Addiction Recovery for Women

In John 5, Jesus encounters a lame man who'd been disabled for 38 years lying by a pool - likely some sort of spring. Local superstition claimed that the pool had healing properties because every once in a while bubbles would appear on the water. They claimed that an angel was stirring the pool, and if the disabled could make it in when the water was "stirred" they could be healed from their ailments.

When Jesus encounters this man, He asks the lame man a question.

"Do you want to get well?" (John 5:6)

We should pay attention when Jesus asks a question.

When Jesus asks a question, we should listen up, because Jesus always asks a question for a reason. He wants a person to really think about their answer.

The lame man had been lying near this pool for nearly 40 years. He seemed to believe the superstition that it had healing properties, but regardless of that he never managed to get into the pool even though he'd been near a "source of healing" for longer than a lot of people back then got to remain alive.

The truth is, it's easy to become comfortable with your sickness. Anyone who has struggled a long time with addiction knows their habits are unhealthy, dysfunctional, and life-stealing ... but it's easy to become comfortable with your sickness.

What would healing have meant for the lame man?

It would have meant getting to walk, yes, but it also would have meant he no longer had an excuse for remaining a beggar.

A new life would mean new expectations and new responsibilities, and for a beggar who'd lain on a mat for 38 years that'd be a whole new, scary world.

Do you want to get well?

Change can be very difficult. When you learn to find comfort in the same bad habits day-to-day, breaking the cycle of addiction can seem near impossible ... but Rise Recovery is here to teach women nothing is impossible when Jesus gets involved.

In the story in John 5, Jesus asked the lame man if he wanted to get well, then Jesus commanded him:

"Get up! Pick up your mat and walk." (John 5:8)

As soon as the man heard Jesus's words and obeyed them, his ailment was cured. He stood up, picked up his mat, and walked.

Healing is Available through Jesus Christ

At Rise Recovery St Louis, we believe that everyone who hears the words of Jesus and obeys them will find healing for their ailments in life - addiction included.

Many of us working with Rise Recovery have been personally touched by addiction, and we have experienced personal victory when we've given our addictions to Jesus. We are passionate about sharing the hope and life that Jesus offers us all, and we can't wait to watch Jesus work in the lives of those willing to embrace Him!

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Am I Ready for Recovery?

Recovery is a process. It's important for applicants to Rise Recovery St Louis to understand that if a life was not messed up overnight, it will not be fixed overnight. Recovery is a process and involves a lot of hard work.

Some reading this may wonder if they are ready for recovery or not - here are three signs that a woman truly is ready for recovery:

"Do You Want to Get Well?"

1. She is willing to admit her life is unmanageable and she is ready to listen to Jesus.

The simple question is, "Do you want to get well?" You want to get well when you are willing to acknowledge that your life has become unmanageable and you need outside help from God to attain a healthy and whole life.

Sometimes it takes a long time before someone finds their "rock bottom". A person has truly found their "rock bottom" when their desire to get better overcomes their desire to remain comfortable in old habits. They are willing to admit they are broken are need help fixing their life.

"Rise Up!"

2. She is willing to do the work it takes to get well.

A willingness to admit there's a problem is of no benefit unless it's accompanied by action. Overcoming a long-held addiction is hard work, and women entering Rise Recovery St. Louis must be committed to putting the work in.

Rise Recovery St Louis is a structured discipleship program for women in recovery. Applicants must understand they are entering a structured environment where days are planned ahead of time and the schedule is busy on a daily basis. Days will be filled with exercise, work, Bible Study, service trips, devotionals, church attendance, recovery meetings, household chores and more.

To get better through Rise Recovery St Louis, applicants must have a willingness to admit there's a problem along with a willingness to put the hard work in to replace unhealthy habits with healthy habits.

"Pick Up Your Mat and Walk."

3. She is willing to embrace her new life as a woman healed by Jesus.

Jesus doesn't simply want you to learn a few new healthy habits to overcome addiction - Jesus wants to help you become the person you were always meant to be so that you can do the things He created you to do in the world.

A journey through Rise Recovery St Louis is designed to help a woman embrace the person God created her to be through submission to Jesus Christ. Applicants should be committed to the process of transformation through a personal relationship with Jesus, the study and application of God's word, healthy relationships with God's people, and humble service to others. We firmly believe this is the pathway to having the happiest and most fulfilling life possible, and that's our goal for every graduate.

Rise Recovery St. Louis

Christian Addiction Recovery for Women

Rise Recovery St Louis will be open soon for applicants.

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Rise Recovery is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the IRS.
EIN# 87-0916696

Christian Addiction Recovery Program for Women

Hope for Women with Addictions

"Rise up!" -Jesus, John 5:8