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Rise Recovery St. Louis

EIN#: 87-0916696

Rise Recovery St. Louis was founded to address the need for a Christian discipleship program available for women struggling with addictions in the St. Louis area.

Rise Recovery is led by volunteers including church leaders, Christian business owners, non-profit executives, social workers, counselors, and various others who volunteer their time to help women get their lives back on track.

At Rise Recovery St. Louis, we firmly believe that Jesus is the source of everything good in life. We believe if we can live our lives the way Jesus teaches us to live them, life is best that way.

Many of us have struggled with addiction personally or in our own families. We understand the heartache addiction can cause, and we understand how hopeless it can feel.

But we also know God is much bigger than any addition, and His healing is available to everyone who humbly submits to His rule in their lives.

Rise Recovery St. Louis is a team effort dedicated to helping women struggling with addictions become the people God created them to be.

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Rise Recovery St Louis Staff

Jim Woodell
Executive Director

June Benderman
Assistant Director

Rise Recovery St Louis Board of Directors

Cory Long
Owner, YROC Consulting

Wes Woodell
Lead Evangelist, The Crossings Church Collinsville

Airiel Woodell
Children's Minister, The Crossings Church Collinsville

Reginald Conlee

Rise Recovery St Louis
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Rise Recovery is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit organization with the IRS.
EIN# 87-0916696

Christian Addiction Recovery Program for Women

Hope for Women with Addictions

"Rise up!" -Jesus, John 5:8